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Forum > Experiences, Anecdotes and Funny Misunderstandings > HC is NOT a dating service!!!
#0 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 17 Mar 06 4:28:09
Russian Federation
It seems that spring is in the air and hospitality club is not an exception. 

Unceasing stream of "flirting" messages each day fills my mailbox (the smartest
ones write me directly to my e-mail or add in MSN). I already established my
personal nomination "the letter of the day" - for the most horny, unlogical and
weird letter. I'm not against intercultural friendship and communication, but
these guys definitely not looking for a friendship!!! They dont have any common
intellectual interests with me and usually start conversation with "Do u have a
webcam?", "I want to know u more/better!" or "can i see more photos of u?" (3
most popular beginnings of conversation). Cool, eh? 
Even after i wrote down in my profile "pls, no flirting spam - hc is not a
dating service!" i continue to receive all this crappy messages from the males
all other the world. Btw, it was more or less understandable when i was "spamed"
by males from eastern and asian countries, but now Europe almost outrun both
Asia and East. 
What the hell is wrong?! Can u see naked photos of me in my profile? No! And u
know, why? There are no naked photos of me in my profile!!!  Why then all this
males continue to spam me EVERY day?! And they even dont consider it as a spam.
"I just wanted to talk with u!". Awesome.

Sorry for such angry post, but it's really not funny anymore. All this crap
really distorts the idea of hospitality club for me. It's not what i expected
when had signed this community.

Btw, i wonder if moderators will delete this post according to Forum Rules
paragraph #3. But i'm not talking about particular case - it's general
situation. And if we want to make HC better place, we should discuss negative
aspects also.

So, lets state the question this way (actually it's question to females
hc-members): how you deal with this situation?
#136 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 16 Sep 06 23:39:18

the typical finnish reaction to the word "friend" just reminded me of some ollld
old old relationship of mine with a finnish boy(stayed in my place for weeks and
weeks and several times, ate and drank at my own expense, got entertained but
still not called me a friend). sertac dont get offended this is their national
characteristic. i think Finland is the only country where you are nice with
someone and get a reaction like: i'm disturbed that you are so nice with me.
so.. easy.
i got spammed several times but most of it was not by those "some countries"dear
Tenetsi but mostly from US, Canada and some western european countries. is it
some sort of orientalism or do people just get impressed when they see people
from "the other half of the world"? hummm?
one fine advice. remove ur msn from your profile. the ones who are bona fide
willing to contact you will contact you anyway. get spam filter to your private
messages. or just ignore them. sometimes i get several messages full of things
like "i like your picture you give me the verve to travel to Turkey" hehehehe.
it can be fun just to read them and ignore them too. of course, i can tolerate
being called "friend", "sis", "sweetheart"or things like that and i just did not
like the tone of the messages coming from the inhabitants "some" countries in
this thread. wanted to express it.
very spammy cheers to everyone.

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