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Forum > Hitchhiking > Hitchhiking Contest for Human Rights in March 2006!!!
#0 Hitchhiking Contest for Human Rights in March 2006!!! Fri 17 Feb 06 17:04:06
Russian Federation
To all hitchhikers:

I found out a really interesting amnesty action: There will be a hitchhiking
contest starting 6th of march in Amsterdam, crossing Berlin and Warsaw and
finishing at the Belarussian border.
It is an effort of to put Europe's attention on the belarussian (hopefully free
fair)elections on 19th of march.
You will hitchhike in couples, and at the stops there are going to be some
actions, partys, games etc. It is possible to join for just some parts, you can
also host hitchhikers on their way!

If you like to make some kilometres for a good reason AND have fun in the same
time, you can join the hh contest:!
I think, it's a REALLY cool idea!

Have fun and greetings to all of you!
#1 Hitchhiking Contest for Human Rights in March 2006!!! Sun 05 Mar 06 12:42:53
Hey, Sophia,
It sounds like a really cool idea,
I wonder how many people will do this really for the idea and not for fun.

I am now only 2 km from it in Brest.
And why don't you do it through Belarus as well? 
I checked out the site, and I found that they call PL-BY border the border of
freedom. OK let's stipulate I would like to join you in this event in Amsterdam,
but do you know that it's close to impossible for me to get the visa for the
Netherlands and Germany? I have been several times to Germany and every time
it's was really painful to work out the visa. I have no freedom of movement, you
know, to go to your country, and support your idea. What shall I do then? Is it
what you call freedom? 
Sorry these posts may be not very appropriate to appear on HC site, but I have
so many questions that need answers.
#2 Hitchhiking Contest for Human Rights in March 2006!!! Sun 05 Mar 06 16:59:49
I have understood from the organisation of Can I Get A Right that there are (at
least) 17 couples going to hitchhike. Frank.
#3 Hitchhiking Contest for Human Rights in March 2006!!! Mon 06 Mar 06 1:26:47
Czech Republic
I've just got back from the Netherlands. Damn! I couldn't stay there 1 day more
'coz of another duties like school & stuff like that... BUT I SUPPORT YOUR IDEA,
GUYS! I wanted to hh with u but being 10 dayz out, it's 2much 4me right now. I
wish u that your happening will have some feedback. Let us (who stay at home)
know about your experiences from the trip.

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