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Forum > Europe > Looking for host in Warsaw?
#0 Looking for host in Warsaw? Tue 10 Sep 19 7:53:43
Montréal - Verdun
I think this is a lost cause because every time I ask someone directly from
their profile they never answer, which is the only reason for going on this
forum like this anyway. It's, you've tried direct contact with everyone whose
profile says they've not logged in for like 9 years, via the phone number listed
or the Skype or email listed, and gotten "squat" through all of it. 

I'm already here, am looking for a job teaching English (or in the I.T.
industry, even better because I won't have to talk to people), and am finding
that since nobody here speaks French and if I speak English I get insulted and
called a damn "American" as if you of all people, Poland, don't know that Canada
also speaks English and what it feels like to be called a country you're not (I
could call you "Germany" or "Russia" now couldn't I?!) so I basically also need
a "guide" around here because even though I was married to a Russian, I don't
speak Polish. And when you start speaking German here, I guess this is the
"Russian" side of the country so people don't want to speak German here. 

No wonder everyone says coming here to teach English is "hard" and maybe I
should have kept going to like Latvia or Estonia. Or some place where they want
to learn English and people don't think that everyone who speaks it "must be
American." You do know that ENGLAND and Ireland are right here in Europe,
right???!!! (Don't laugh, Belgium didn't!) 

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