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Forum > Projects for a better world > Help me in Ecotourism Sustainable Project
#0 Help me in Ecotourism Sustainable Project Sun 25 Aug 19 14:26:07
Phu Yen- Dong Hoa
Viet Nam
Hello, I am Caroline :).
After graduating, I decided to leave the big city's convenience behind and
return to the countryside to help my aged parents and spread the eco-awareness.
 I am preparing an Ecotourism Sustainable Project. My project is connecting the
local houses in my village to creat a homestay network that bring foreiger
Tourists who want to find a green peaceful atmostphere, culture and experience.
Beside that, I also create a free club in English, Softskills and Eco activities
for local children.

I live in a small Village in Phu Yen Province ( Tuy Hoa City) in Vietnam. It is
small, quiet and peaceful with large rice paddies, nice mountains, blue beach
and friendly people. Let image that you can stay at our houses like with your
Our main job is planting rice, raising chicken, duck, pig, crab and shrimp but
the salary is not enough for living condition and children education fees. The
Local need move to find a job in Ho Chi Minh City- it is the biggest in Vietnam
( It is far 520 kilometers for my village)... And the local Children do not have
chance to continue to go to the highschool and Unversity.
My prpject was born as a social business that help the local have a better life,
raising their mindset about the important of education.
I hope you can come and join with me. Getting to live in the authentic
Vietnamese countryside and Staying at my home like a real family member.
My village is close to Tuy Hoa some 25 mins bike ride north, and the beautiful
picturesque highway down south where mountains meet the sea and where your heart
might stop if you look down, as well as around yourself because the natural
might goes beyond the words!

You will be surrounded by friendly local people eager to learn about you, your
daily habits and give you some of their daily culture as well.

You will have three meals a day, local fruit and a bed to sleep on (pillow,
blanket and a fan included) : )

Local goods are cheap, there is a small market nearby and you can always borrow
our motorbike (just fill up the tank, please). You can visit the nearby beach
and hike in the mountains surrounding the valley. For the day trips, there's so
much to do around this area that I suggest you rather google it yourself.
I am sure that living with our local will give you great moments.

Call for your help.
#1 Help me in Ecotourism Sustainable Project Sun 25 Aug 19 16:42:10
United States of America
So many of us know so little about Vietnam...
Yours is an ambitious and inviting project! I hope your post will encourage lots
of folks to consider traveling into your area of the world!

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