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Forum > New Member Introductions > New Member Ready To Change This World!
#0 New Member Ready To Change This World! Sat 03 Aug 19 17:43:51
United States of America
Good morning from NEW YORK! I am here to make myself available to those that are
serious about changing this world with GOOD. I am a 30 year old TRUTH SEEKER,
and have spent 20  years struggling with my identity from not having a clue who
both my mother and father is. I have relied on DNA tests that trace my heritage
back to lands in Africa as well as the lands here in the west. I aim to chase
knowledge and bring my assets to Africa. 

I am living a life of solitude because of my search for truth. The whole world
fears and criticizes what it doesn’t understand and I’m hoping I’m in the
right place. 
I can help out with just about any and everything because that’s what I taught
MYSELF here in the states to make yourself an asset by making yourself available
and equipped to deal with any and every obstacle and or terrain or task or

I am very different and if given a chance will see I’m unique in my own way. I
don’t bring negativity and those are never my intentions. I am a lover of
nature whether it’s on land or in sea. I am a strong believer in unity and
love and compassion and understanding. I give my shirt off my back and my last
dime to those that need it more than me because I know what it’s like to have
and to NOT HAVE. 

I am looking for a host who is open minded and open to spiritualists. I am not
big on forcing things into people but i do like to help bring awareness and
it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with that knowledge. 

I’m looking to change my life as well as possibly someone else’s. Life is
really bigger and deeper than we all think it is , just wish the world wasn’t
in so much chaos 
#1 New Member Ready To Change This World! Sun 04 Aug 19 20:41:42
Hello, nice to meet You here.
If You have questions about using HC, maybe I can tell You something
Regards Sebastian

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