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Forum > Technical Help and Questions > my travel across Evrope by a train
#0 my travel across Evrope by a train Fri 24 May 19 17:33:26
Czech Republic
Hallo everybody
who can help me with my planing to know Evrope- especialy Portugal and Spain. My
traveling experiences are not perfect, but my decision is to take the Interrail
Global pass per 30 days. I will start from Hamburg 3th.june, yes I have
connection and seat rerservation to Barcelona, but Spain and Protugal office
dont give IT reservation, and I hope for my continuing to Huelva-Faro, where I
booked accomodation. 
I have no idea how possible is to use the portugal rail outside one main lines
to Lisboa and Porto. My plan was to avoid the big cities with a crouds of
turist, an more know nature and native people. Maybe would be better walking to
Santiago de Compostela, because I want watsching nord spain border (near the sea
side) in direction Bilbao.
From Bilbao I probably must take train to Barcelona, because I want return
during Viena to Prag.
Now I try seek any friends from HC for hospitality in the course from
Faro-Lagos-Lisboa-Porto-Lugo-Gijón-Bilbao etc. T wrote to about 20 members, but
no answer. Many of them haven´t e-mail in the profil, some of them no telefon
number.  I don´t want end in hotels, I like to know people from their own
Greetings from Petr
#1 my travel across Evrope by a train Fri 24 May 19 17:52:25
Dobry den Petr,
I recommend to contact people as sonn as possible and by all the ways You can
find in their profiles. And look in Your profile for "spam-filter" an use
"no-only automatic filters"
Have a good travelling
pozdrav Sebastian
#2 my travel across Evrope by a train Fri 24 May 19 17:54:10
and good to write more contact information in Your own profile like mobile phone
or email address
#3 my travel across Evrope by a train Fri 24 May 19 17:55:03
and contact all the people in the region where You want to go to

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