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Forum > Technical Help and Questions > Search facility broken
#0 Search facility broken Sun 03 Feb 19 10:52:51
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom
The Search facility seems to be broken. I click on Search, then select City in
the first selection box, then type Warsaw in the first Value textbox, then click
the Search! button, and I get this message:

Incorrect key file for table '/tmp/#sql_1fb7_0.MYI'; try to repair it

Any idea when this can be fixed?
#1 Search facility is working well Sun 03 Feb 19 13:01:58
I tried. It worked well.
You can use the window "Quickgo"
#2 Search facility broken Thu 25 Apr 19 18:16:43
United States of America
You can search directly on Google. Example: "Atlanta Hotels"
#3 Search facility broken Sun 02 Jun 19 21:56:30
Bainbridge Island
United States of America
I'm also having trouble.  Specifically:

In the Google searh box, with the button chosen, searching
for "New York, NY USA" (without quotes) results in a new tab

Searching for "New York, NY USA" (again, without quotes) in the Quickgo field
brings up numerous results, but not of people in New York.  The first results,
in order, are for people in: Germany, Washington D.C., France,  Mauritania, and
Belarus.  It may well be that all those people at some point visited New York,
but that doesn't help me find a place to stay.

Using the Advanced Member Search with the City field "New York" (once again,
without quotes) and the country United States of America, clicking Search gives
a page with the error: 
Incorrect key file for table '/tmp/#sql_1fb7_0.MYI'; try to repair it 
Thinking that perhaps the problem lay with blank fields, I filled the next two
fields with "Length of Stay: 2 days" and "Languages spoken: English".  This time
I got the error:
Error writing file '/tmp/MYPdqUb6' (Errcode: 28)

Something is definitely wrong.  Apparently it works for Sebastian123, but if
searching only works for some people and doesn't get fixed, HC will not do well
in the future.  Does HC have a team that deals with bugs?
#4 Search facility broken Mon 03 Jun 19 11:25:55
Hi Lisa,

I read Your question.

You can find members by top "countries" than "united.." than "new York". I
recommend to ask a lot of people directly by their profiles. If You see more
info about contacts, You should use it, too. And if You send a message, please
activate down the "include my email address". Also You should activate in Your
own profile "preferences" there"spam" than "automatic filter only" and 

Let us have a nice travelling. I will leave  tomorrow. 

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