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Forum > Travel Tips and Information > Russia: Tips for journey St. Petersburg - Chita
#0 Russia: Tips for journey St. Petersburg - Chita Sun 30 Sep 18 12:11:21
Hello out there

I'm very exited to travel once more in Russia. Last time two friends and me were
riding bicycles through the Altai mountains where we had only very good
experience meeting one of the most kind, helpfull and hospitable people we've
ever met. 
This time my wife and me will travel by train as we have to cross russia in a
month. One month because of our visas and also due to our plan to reach
Indonesia (from where she's coming from) on March 2019 without flying.

We gonna enter the country from Helsinki and leave it at the Chinese border from
Zabaykalsk to Manzhouli. So far we might stop at St. Petersburg, Moscow and
Irkutsk but would love to make a few stops more to see other places and meet
their people. so far we only have the train ticket to St. Petersburg and the one
to cross the Russian/Chinese border. We would be very happy to get some advise
on where between Moscow and Chita we should get off the train .

Thanks a lot for your support.

Cheersssven & Erna
#1 Russia: Tips for journey St. Petersburg - Chita Sat 02 Mar 19 16:20:15
Vishnii Volochek
Russian Federation
I live in  Vyshniy Volochoyk, a town  between Moscow and St. Petersburg.  I will
be glad to show you around if you like to stay at our place.
#2 Russia: Tips for journey St. Petersburg - Chita Mon 04 Mar 19 18:47:05
Thanks for your offer. We've reached already Indonesia mid of January 2019.
#3 Russia: Tips for journey St. Petersburg - Chita Mon 04 Mar 19 19:09:57
Hi Natalyah. I have plans to visit Saint Petersburg one day. Maybe we could
change hospitality, welcome in our place in Brasil.  Note my whatsup  55 48
98401 1113 Helio rodak 

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