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Forum > New Member Introductions > New member - travelling in Sweden summer 2019
#0 New member - travelling in Sweden summer 2019 Tue 11 Sep 18 17:24:01
New Zealand
Hi. My name is Lola, and I just created an account here yesterday. I'm looking
to travel in Sweden in the summer 2019, and am in search of accommodation/work
for the time I'll be there. I'm interested in spending a longer period of time
in one place--possibly a couple weeks, or maybe more (details can be sorted

Since this is a longer period to stay than is typically offered on this forum,
I'm interested in having an exchange of work for accommodation. Naturally, I can
help around the house, but I'm also a keen teacher, and would be willing if
staying with a family to exchange tutelage, as well as babysitting/nannying when
appropriate. Subjects I can teach include: 
 - mathematics (including secondary school level)
 - language (English)
 - music

I'm a young adult. My native language is English, and I've been learning Swedish
independently for a few years now. My parents are both fluent German speakers,
and I grew up with the language at home, so speak that as well. 

I grew up on a sailboat, and travelled with my family that way for about 16
years. One place I've seen very little of, however, is Europe, despite that the
languages I speak apart from English are German and Swedish, which is one of the
reasons I am especially keen to travel to Sweden next year. I'm pretty quiet and
self-sufficient; the loudest thing I own is an acoustic guitar (and I'm not too
noisy on it). I like to read and write; I also love mathematics and physics. I'm
especially interested in music composition, and I like to learn new languages.
And I like teaching--as I mentioned above--especially with things that are so
much fun to learn. I've never travelled over land before; it's always been by
sea, so this entire experience is new for me. I'm looking forward to the year
ahead, and am excited about the possibilities.

#1 New member - travelling in Sweden summer 2019 Fri 14 Sep 18 18:03:10
Hi Lola,

nice to meet You here. Welcome in the club.

The forum is very silent last time. Better to ask people directly by their
profile and by different ways like email here or phone or homepage, if You find
ones. I sent 100 request, got 10 answers, found 2 hosts.

I think there are some other pages for "work and travel" in sweden. Look for and
try it.

What month do You know? summer in Europe (June-September) or summer in New
zealand (November -May)???

Let us have a nice time 

Regards Sebastian

#2 New member - travelling in Sweden summer 2019 Fri 14 Sep 18 18:10:13
New Zealand
Hi Sebastian,

I will try to find people in Sweden who are still active on the site. I'll take
a look for the pages you mention, for work and travel in Sweden; thanks.

Summer months in Europe was what I meant (June to September); I understand the
confusion around that, though. 

Thanks for your advice.

Alles Gute,
#3 New member - travelling in Sweden summer 2019 Sat 15 Sep 18 11:32:31
Hi Lola,

I like Your "thanks" to me.

If You will need more information, tell it as soon as possible. And if You will
be in my town, I can meet You.

Good summer  and preparation

Regards Sebastian
#4 New member - travelling in Sweden summer 2019 Sat 15 Sep 18 16:44:34
New Zealand
Hi Sebastian,

Thank you. I am going to Germany next year around August; if I find myself in
Leipzig, I'll get in touch with you. Thanks for your friendliness on this site.

#5 New member - travelling in Sweden summer 2019 Mon 10 Jun 19 0:05:36
Hi Lola!
You are warm welcome to Sweden. Feel free to contact if you visit here in

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