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#0 new member Sat 16 Jun 18 23:52:05
hello all of my friends  in hospitality club .

my name is Mohammad  from Jordan ,single 34

 I've just joined the HC in the hopes of being able to contact some of the
friends in HC.

my job in the UN  . so i love my job and humanitarian work .
my hobbies: traveling , swimming , cooking , camping dancing  ,waching TV  ,
participate the people  with the  fun activities , reading ,

some of the people from USA and  many countries  came before to visit  my
country  - Jordan - and i was the host for them .  and i was with them all the 
time  of the visit , we cooked  outside and  spent  a good time  and they
visited  a beautiful places    in Jordan 

 1-PETRA : (  Pink city ) One of the seven wonders of the world  ز

 2-  Dead sea : ( Please read about the Dead Sea and the safest place in the
world - the sea which is not found in any organisms or plants is very salty  ز

 3- jordan River ( River of Jordan - the place where Christ drank )   
   4-   Mount Nebo - Prophet Moses  5-  Hot Springs in maaeen city .

6- jarash and  ajloon :  Ancient Roman archaeological cities .

7- wadi rum : ( moon  valley)  - charming winters, great tranquility, camping
and sand skiing  . 

8- Aqaba city : The coastal city on the Red Sea - Sunlight warmth to change the
color of the skin

i hope that every one want to visit  Jordan , please let me know and contact 
with me  , by my number and Skype and i can help  .

i planning to visit Thailand in nov-dec 218 , and i planning to visit Poland ,
and erupe countries  
i hope that every body want to host me please   help me 

thank you  all of my friends here in  HC 
#1 new member Mon 09 Jul 18 16:25:05

nice to meet You here.

Welcome in the club.

If You need advice, You can ask me

Salam Sebastian

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