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Forum > South and Central America > Looking for accommodation in Tijuana and then Mexico City, like THIS MONTH
#0 Looking for accommodation in Tijuana and then Mexico City, like THIS MONTH Thu 07 Dec 17 18:18:06
Montréal - Verdun
Why does it seem that everyone listed on HC in North America has not logged on
to this site in like 10 years? No one is ever available, people who've put on
their profiles that they will host for up to a month or two because they have a
spare room, don't answer their emails let alone the message service on this
site; phone numbers, where listed, are probably all disconnected by now (I'm
going to try THAT next, barring language barriers!) why doesn't HC make us re-up
our accounts every year or so especially those who have said they CAN host? Or
if HC needs a full-time person (paid) to DO that sort of thing, I'd be happy to
do it since I went to M.I.T. back in the 90's. It's not fair to those of us who
signed up with this site over 10 years ago and have never been able to use it
because the people on the other end never answer their "requests." Other sites
like language exchange TELL you to answer every mail, "it's only polite"...!

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