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Forum > North America > People on this site not responding?
#0 People on this site not responding? Sun 03 Dec 17 11:11:23
Montréal - Verdun
It seems like everyone on this site has last logged in no more recently than 7
years ago? And no one answers the email they put on the site - I wonder if they
answer the phone numbers they posted, either? Or is it just certain countries
(the US and Mexico, to be exact).
#1 People on this site not responding? Sat 16 Dec 17 17:18:39
Unfortunately this site is pretty much dead, not much happening here anymore.
Too bad because at one time it was bustling, but what can you do..

#2 People on this site not responding? Sun 17 Dec 17 16:33:25
United States of America
Sad, sad, sad!
I just logged in, and it is the very first time that nobody, absolutely nobody
of our supposedly vast membership is logged in as well.
Wouldn't it be nice if the honchos, particularly Veit, had a look and then
decided to get involved again?
Yes, of all the hospex organizations HC was the absolutely nicest! But then
things started to fall apart and nobody corrected the flaws that developed.
Unfortunately the normal mortals among us cannot do anything at all to correct
anything - we just can try to work around the flaws. But don't give up - maybe
2018 will bring the turnaround!

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