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Forum > New Member Introductions > Sophie, Sam and 4 year old Felix are doing it!
#0 Sophie, Sam and 4 year old Felix are doing it! Wed 04 Oct 17 13:15:03
United Kingdom
Hi All,

So whilst looking to buy our first family home we have decided to instead travel
the world - because why not?!

We are a newly married couple, Sam and Sophie, along with Felix who will be 4 in
November 2017. He is due to start school on September 2018 (as long as we don't
get the travelling bug), so this is our last opportunity to do this for the next
20 years and our only chance ever to do it with Felix.

We are an open canvas at the moment, other than needing to make a quick stop
back at home at the end of March for a family birthday. Vaguely aiming for
southern hemisphere January to end of March, then northern from April through
September and then either home, or back down south.

We want this to be as enriching and rewarding for Felix as it is for us grown
ups. Meeting people, different cultures, new foods, great experiences - we see
these all as having incredible educational value, which could never be taught in
a classroom. For us too these experiences will be life changing, although for
different reasons. We're all willing to work (some more than others) for our
board and again, to experience real life wherever we are. We are trying to
ensure that this isn't a "holiday" and we don't end up in hotel rooms.

We hope to meet some of you wonderful, generous folks in your little (or big)
corner of this beautiful world.

Until then, stay happy!

S, S & F

#1 Sophie, Sam and 4 year old Felix are doing it! Wed 04 Oct 17 13:32:48
Hi familiy Morson,

welcome in the club.

Let's have a nice time

Regards Sebastian
#2 Sophie, Sam and 4 year old Felix are doing it! Thu 05 Oct 17 10:37:04
A warm welcome to the club for S S & F.
And an open invitation for coming to Shimla (India) and stay with us !!!
#3 Sophie, Sam and 4 year old Felix are doing it! Sun 08 Oct 17 15:57:48
What a great idea to do a world travel. I hope you have a safe and amazing trip
and you get to experience great things. Keep in touch if you drop by in
Montreal, Canada. 

#4 Sophie, Sam and 4 year old Felix are doing it! Thu 29 Mar 18 12:36:23
Hi and welcome,
dear Sophie ,Sam and Felix. I wish you a lot of good hosts and a always sunny
mood. We need new members so your extraordinary welcome .;-)
Your also welcome to our gartencamp , Greetings from Franconia   

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