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Forum > Meeting Place > Fertility treatment abroad in Athens, via Rome
#0 Fertility treatment abroad in Athens, via Rome Tue 13 Jun 17 22:01:18
Hi everyone!  I am reaching out to the good people of the world.  I have been on
a fertility journey for the past 2 years and I am travelling to Athens, Greece
shortly.  I thought I would put it out there, as I have had mostly positive
support.  I am looking for a place to stay in Rome for a couple of nights, June
28th and June 29th before I head to Athens, where I may also need accomadation
for a couple of days July 2nd and 3rd, before I explore the countryside and
hopefully get to the Kalamata region to explore the beaches.  If you are in this
region I would gladly like to connect if accessable by bus or train. After my
IVF in Athens around the 7th or 8th, I hope to chillax on a local island for a
couple of days.  Just soaking up the hospitality, nature and happiness around
me.  I can offer my culinary skills, diagnostics to get your car running,
conversation on sustainability, environment, physics, auto painting,
recycling/reusing/repurposing, I can pull weeds, give plants and animals love,
and explore our common interests while respecting eachothers beliefs and choice
of lifestyle.  I invite you to join me on my βλαστάρι's  journey.  If
there is anything I could add to this message please feel free to help me out
and let me know how I could better express myself.  Thanks  Stephany  

p.s i would upload a pic yet I'm not very computer litterate and I converted one
to a thumbnail but this interface didn't like it and i don't know how to make a
jpeg smaller than 30kb.
#1 Fertility treatment abroad in Athens, via Rome Tue 13 Jun 17 23:09:21
Hello Stephany?
You seem to be a versatile traveller?
But - what means Fertility treatment?
CU, Christian  

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