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Forum > Work and Apartments > Naples , Italy 15 Jun looking for place to stay
#0 Naples , Italy 15 Jun looking for place to stay Mon 05 Jun 17 20:01:25
Recently, our city will host pianist from Naples Bruno Bavota. His music charmed
us. He made us believe how beautiful is Italy and Naples.
 I am a new member who is looking for a place to stay in in Naples, Italy 15
June. Honestly I say that it is quite complicated. I go to Italy with  husband
and 9-year-old daughter. We love to travel, meet and get to know new places and
meet people from other countries. We are a nice, honest, trustworthy family. Can
you help us? If the answer is positive, we can make friends and welcome to us in
Latvia. With greetings from Latvia, Linda
#1 Naples , Italy 15 Jun looking for place to stay Tue 06 Jun 17 15:16:17
United States of America
Hi, and welcome to HC!
Here are some tips for you. Saying in your profile that you are looking for a
host is totally useless!

This is what you do to secure a host:
1) SEARCH in the locales where you want to go, read some
profiles of HC members, as early as possible
2) contact folks through the HC site who might be suitable
hosts for you (making sure to mention something you
learned from reading their profiles). If you resort to
copy&paste, at least personalise your messages.
DEFINITELY address people by their real names, not their
user names! Offer your personal email address for
further correspondence.
3) be patient! Not everybody logs onto the internet every
day. Not everybody answers immediately...
4) after that carry on your correspondence offsite, because
the HC site is so busy, and forwarding is sometimes slow.
5) People usually indicate in their profiles how much time
before your visit they want to be contacted. Please
adhere to that!
6) if it seems likely that you have connected with a
likely host, exchange phone numbers and exact addresses.

Trying to find hosts by putting a notice in the forum is not
likely to be successful - that's not where folks are
looking for potential guests! Few members, maybe only 5 %,
read the forum,and fewer recruit their guests through it.
For anyone to pick through your itinerary and figure out
when to invite you - that is not a realistic expectation!
There are also some very desirable tourist destinations in
which our members are swamped with housing requests, and
they have become exhausted. Therefore they may not even
answer... There are really some wonderful people out there
who offer hospitality, but you must do the searching

While you wait to become active, it is a good idea to check
out LAST POSTS (left column on the forum menu) and read
along for a few days. You'll get a feel for what's going on
in the HC community.
Good luck! And if you have questions, I'll try to help!

If you succeed finding a member to host you, it will be really nice for you to
offer something as a sign of gratitude! Bring something from your homeland that
fits the interests of your host, prepare a meal, draw a nice card - anything
that shows you care!

#2 Naples , Italy 15 Jun looking for place to stay Wed 07 Jun 17 19:38:19
Hello Hanny!
 I sincerely thank you for the valuable advice. I very much try to follow your
recommendations. I very much hope that we will issue to find a responsive and
helpful hosts and our trip to Italy will succeed! 
Sincerely, Linda

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