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Forum > Technical Help and Questions > Too many functions are non-functional!
#0 Too many functions are non-functional! Tue 28 Feb 17 16:43:29
United States of America
Over the past several months the functionality of this site has been severely
diminished. Particularly for newbies this must be very disappointing...
Since the "Last Posts" option - like so many other things - is broken, if you
want to know what's new on the forum, try this
Scroll down the entire forum, read the top-most entry in each section and take
it from there....
#1 Too many functions are non-functional! Thu 02 Mar 17 17:01:08
San Salvador
Totally agree...
Impossible to participate in the Forum ....
#2 Too many functions are non-functional! Thu 02 Mar 17 22:00:18
San Salvador
Hi Kyrmyt ... !!
Today I could write in your post ... But many times, it is not possible.
Try sending a reply to the Forum ... and do not send ...
Thank you for answering me
#3 some functions are non-functional! Wed 03 May 17 18:50:21
I have an idea. I sent a lot of requests but didn't get answers. 

Some members are working in their profile with "preferences" there "Important
setting: Check the messages sent to me for spam:" and "Yes; voluteer check".
only some volunteers are longer working on this page. A lot of messages can NOT
go to their address.
Please:active "no.automatic filter only".

J'ai une idée. J'ai envoyé beaucoup de demandes, mais je n'ai pas eu de

Certains membres travaillent dans leur profil avec des "préférences" là-bas
Paramètre: Vérifiez les messages qui m'ont été envoyés pour le spam: "et"
Oui; Voluteer check ". Mais
Seuls des bénévoles travaillent plus longtemps sur cette page. Beaucoup de
messages ne peuvent PAS
Aller à leur adresse.
S'il vous plaît: active "no.automatic filter only".

engo una idea. Envié muchas peticiones pero no obtuve respuestas.

Algunos miembros están trabajando en su perfil con "preferencias" allí
: Compruebe los mensajes que me han enviado para spam: "y" Sí; Voluteer check
", pero
Sólo algunos voluntarios están trabajando más en esta página. Muchos
mensajes NO PUEDEN
Ir a su dirección.
Por favor: activo "no. Filtro automático solamente".
#4 some many functions are non-functional! Wed 03 May 17 21:16:24
I recommend to look in profile for email address or phone or mobile number. Send
for request a sms or email to this address!
Members should write in their profile a mobile number. Better would be to select
"no spam filter"

Je recommande de consulter le profil pour l'adresse e-mail ou le téléphone ou
le numéro de téléphone mobile. Envoyez pour demander un sms ou un courriel à
cette adresse!
Les membres doivent écrire dans leur profil un numéro de téléphone portable.
Mieux vaut choisir "aucun filtre anti-spam"

Recomiendo mirar en el perfil de la dirección de correo electrónico o
teléfono o número de móvil. Enviar para solicitar un sms o correo
electrónico a esta dirección!
Los miembros deben escribir en su perfil un número de móvil. Mejor sería
seleccionar "no filtro de spam"
#5 Too many functions are non-functional! Fri 23 Jun 17 18:21:28

some functions wasn't working in last days. I told it to Veit and he repaired it

Thanks to Veit and the volunteers.

Regards Sebastian
#6 Too many functions are non-functional! Sun 25 Jun 17 12:47:25
kyrmyt (=Hanny) wrote:
"Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deinem Erfolg mit Veit und der Reparatur! Ich hatte
schon befürchtet, daß jetzt alles vollkommen im Eimer ist. Naja.
Frohes Wochenende!
"Congratulations to your success with Veit and the repair, I had already feared
that everything is now completely in the bucket.
Happy weekend!

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