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Forum > New Member Introductions > Hey!
#0 Hey! Sun 12 Feb 17 3:08:39
Las Vegas
United States of America
Hi there everyone! I found you all through the ubiquitous TEFL programs all over
the web. I think I started my search at, then fell into, and then Youtube'd my way through different vloggers to
get a better sense of the expat world. I'm a student in Las Vegas finishing up
my degree before hitting the road. I'll be in Prague near the end of May for a
month and then begins my teaching career! I'm excited to finally be out and
traveling, as I feel there is so much more to see, do, experience, people to
meet, food to eat, causes to support, and generally just explore opportunities
to be a better, more empathetic human being. Anyway, sorry for the rambling
intro, but hi, hola, ahoj all the same. Have a great weekend!
#1 Hey! Sun 12 Feb 17 17:59:44
Your "rambling" is refreshing and heartwarming.
Keep the spirit!
Welcome to the club,
#2 Hey! Mon 13 Feb 17 1:08:59
Las Vegas
United States of America
Thanks so much, Chrisitane! (Not to lurk, but I love birdwatching as well.) I
live next to a wetlands park (in the desert, no less) and have the privilege to
see Canadian geese winding their way south, egrets, and the occasional
sharp-shinned hawk among other feathered things around this time of year. I
can't wait to take my Cornell Ornithology app over to Europe and try my hand at
identifying the local species.

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