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Forum > Technical Help and Questions > Seeking for original opportunities in Europe!
#0 Seeking for original opportunities in Europe! Wed 25 Jan 17 0:35:54
Hi everybody,

I'm Mehdi, a French young engineering student looking for experiences which
could stimulate me more than my scientific courses. 

Those 2 coming weeks, I have some free time and a decided to travel by my own
way, in order to live an experience like woofing or anything constructive. I'm
attracted by Switzerland, but I'm really open to any kind of opportunities which
can make me growth. Anywhere, so. Better if it's sunny! 

This early Morning(25/01/2016), I live my hometown Dunkerque (Dunkirk) in the
north of France, I take a train in DE PANNE (just after the frontier between
France and Belgium) to BRUSSELS. Then, I'm going to hitchike in the south
direction of Europe, in order to find a first place to sleep. I have friends in
Luxembourg, so I have a possibility there. 

Afterwards, I don't know what I'm going to do and where I'm going to go,... so
If someone have advices about a direction to follow in order to find a place to
woof or make anything like that, my ears are wide open !

I hope you could help me!

Thank you for your attention,


#1 Seeking for original opportunities in Europe! Fri 03 Feb 17 18:04:36
Hi, what would you think of a stay in Roermond, in The Netherlands?
#2 Seeking for original opportunities in Europe! Fri 03 Feb 17 18:45:06
United States of America
typically one does one's own research for WOOF opportunities...
Good luck, and get busy!

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