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Forum > Travel Tips and Information > Hello from Petra
#0 Hello from Petra Wed 04 Jan 17 12:06:21
Good Day!! This is Mohammad A guy from Jordan, I saw that you are visiting
Jordan, I hope and I am sure that you will enjoy it.!! actually Jordan is a very
beautiful and safe country, there are a lot of places that you should not miss!!
Like Jerash , Ajloun, Amman , Wadi Shuaib, Dead Sea, Baptism site, Mount Nebo ,
Wadi Rum, petra, Aqaba, Madaba and many many other places .!! you should also
try the local delicious food the culture and the lifestyle. So you need an
experienced reliable local person to help you discover and explore the whole
country, which makes your trip successful, safe and with the cheapest prices.
many expats and tourists find the transportation service here hard, expensive
and not comfortable, especially when it comes to taxi and privet cars that
relates to hotels and tourism companies. I am a driver and have my own car, I
can pick you up wherever and whenever you want. And I am not related to a
tourism company. thats why I do not charge that much and I charge way low prices
comparing to other ways of transportation, very good driving skills. very
familiar with the sites and places, shops, markets, events, and available for
short and long pick ups, trips, tours and any kind of transportation. You may
find it weird and rude, but I am forced to make this because I need money,
Actually I decided to make living through this way its beneficial for both of
us, I garantee you a very good trip and you can consider that you have a good
friend here. if you ever wanted anything do not hesitate to write me or call me
on 00962798723193 . SALAAAM
#1 Hello from Petra Wed 04 Jan 17 16:21:35
United States of America
A real commercial! Not welcome here!
#2 Hello from Petra Thu 05 Jan 17 13:57:00
Over the years there have been many posts on this site whereby the writer is
only seeking commercial and monetary gain....Surely  these posts can be removed
by the site administrator...
#3 Hello from Petra Thu 05 Jan 17 16:48:22
United States of America
@bill 123

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