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Forum > Travel Tips and Information > PACU JAWI (Cow Racing) in muddy field in Batusangkar- West Sumatera- Indonesia
#0 PACU JAWI (Cow Racing) in muddy field in Batusangkar- West Sumatera- Indonesia Tue 13 Dec 16 15:25:36
padang, west sumatra
Pacu Jawi is cow race originated in the Minangkabau region of West Sumatra. It
is held on muddy rice fields as a celebration or auspice of good harvests and
possibly increase the value of well performing cows and bulls. Jockeys also bite
the animals’ tail to increase speed. The race is only 20-30 meters long.

Pacu Jawi always carry out according to the harvest season. The jockey rides a
pair of cow while holding on only to the cow’s tail. In order to force the
cows to run faster, they would bite on the cow’s tail on purpose. The two cows
are loosely tie together making it that much harder to maintain a long
consistent run. This creates some fun and hilarious moments, for instance, two
cows would run in different directions splitting the jockey in half. The jockey
fall flat on his face in the dirty and muddy water followed by a thunderous
claps and cheers from spectators.

Pacu Jawi or COW RACING is Folk's sport event. Your tour trip in West Sumatra
holidays begins as soon as you land in Padang Airport. Your tour guides will
either fetch you from Padang Airport (Minangkabau International Airport) or from
the hotel you stay in Padang city and will travel straight away to the Pacu Jawi
arena in Batusangkar Tanah Datar region which roughly takes 3-4 hours drive. 

On your way, you might also have a short stop at Anai Valley waterfall & coffee
break at Panorama Kiambang. If you still have time, you will also visit
Pagaruyung Palace, the most famous tourist attractions in West Sumatra. It’s
also the icon & tourism highlights in Minangkabau highland. The Pacu Jawi race
starts around 12h30 & finishes around 15h30. 

You will travel straight to Padang Airport (roughly takes 3-4 hours drive) to
catch up your flight and travel further to your next holidays destinations
around Indonesia. (note: if you are the backpaper and need my help to take you
to the sport ask me in my email- marjohanusman@yahoo com or send me SMS to

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