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Forum > South and Central America > Brazil trip Salvador - Jericoara
#0 Brazil trip Salvador - Jericoara Sun 04 Sep 16 20:36:44
OK – I will not write in Brazilian now – podría hacerlo en castellano pero
parece que se habla inglés también acá ;-)
ainda aprendo falar brasileiro… 
Anyway me and a friend of mine are planning to go to the Northern part of Brazil
from December 4th landing at Salvador spending 3 nights there, then via Aracaju,
Praia do Forte for the 7-8-9….slowly advancing to Olina around
10th-11th...then Joao Pessoa, Natal/Genipabu – 
arriving at Fortaleza around Dec 18th for one night 

( I have to take the flight back from Fortaleza – she will stay for another
week in Brazil with her daughter near Jericoara – so I‘ll need another night
from Dec 28th for my flight back to Europe on Dec 29th)

from Fortaleza we go on to Jericoara and from there trying to make some trips to
natural parks – perhaps up to Parnaiba

She is in her end fifties, I am 56 years old. Yesterday we were out dancing –
even German RAP music..- so: not so old fashioned as you might think ;-)

But on a backpacker budget… we are...OK: rich compared with the Brazilian
income...but not so much...and we want to get to know some people. 
I am doing the same stuff mostly on CS hosting people from Latin America and all
over the world.
I am new here. Some further information on my profile.
Any suggestions for hostings, natural parks, she wants to dance the Forro in the
evening ;-),
ho to get to Parnaiba, links for films to learn Brazilian, music ?
Un abraco

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