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Forum > Middle East > Travling in Iran in july and august 2016
#0 Travling in Iran in july and august 2016 Sun 17 Apr 16 12:38:02
La roche sur yon

My  is laurent, I am a history and geography teacher in France. I love to travle
, to meet people in their country, to exchange about life, travling. This
summer, I would like to discorver your country. I am found of Persian culture. I
live on the west coast of France, close to the sea. That is a small city south
of Nantes and North of la Rochelle.
I hope to be in your country end of july maybe around the 20th,I Hope to stay in
Iran maybe 2 or 3 weeks. 
I am looking for places to stay. need help in French? ready !
I want to meet people, exchange,
let me knox

#1 Travling in Iran in july and august 2016 Sun 17 Apr 16 12:55:00
Tehran- Abas abad
My name is Aryo And I 'm an industrial engineer. You will so welcome and I wiss
you 'll have a joyful time during that time. What is your plan in Iran and which
city do you want to visit? I asked these question in inform you about my
condition. Because I live in Tehran and that could be make some constraint for

With best regards,
#2 Travling in Iran in july and august 2016 Thu 09 Jun 16 22:11:55
Hi laura my name is mehdi and i live in such a historical and rich city in the
field of culture and civilization i am ready to help u for accomodation and
information .. 

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