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Forum > HC Events: Meetings, Parties and Camps > BELGIUM SUMMER CAMP 26-30 Aug 2015
#0 BELGIUM SUMMER CAMP 26-30 Aug 2015 Thu 16 Jul 15 16:05:28

The Belgium Summer Camp is a yearly hospitality exchange event that happens for
the fifth time in a row. The camp is located in Heure-en-Famenne, a small
village in The Ardennes in Southern Belgium. The region is regarded as Belgium's
wildest area with plenty of extensive forests and rolling hills. It's easy to
reach the camp by train and Brussels is only 1 hour by car. The camp used to be
in wild style but this year we decided to move to a new location that provide
basic facilities such as cold shower (Thanks to Marcel), toilet, running water,
electricity is not available. We often go to the river for a swim.

5 days of wild camping, craziness and eveyone could have his own program on the
camp ground. Year after year we came up to the conclusion that it's kinda
useless to make a program of the event, all depends on the weather, people
motivation... Some people just prefer to chill out.

Still, for years, we kept some classic activities going on:

- Visit the Medieval city of Durbuy, The world's smallest city
- Visit The Orval Abbey: One of the world 7 trappist beer
- Visit the home made chocolate manufacturer ”Defroidmont”
- Visit la Chouffe brewery
- Visit the brewery of "La Fantôme"ôme_Brewery
- Kayaking in the river
- Parties all night long

New activity this year, we are going to visit "la Chouffe brewery".

Ps: We are not going to make all of them, we will choose 2 or 3 depending on the
weather forcast and the participants number, Kayaking and the Chouffe brewey are
definitely on the" To-do list" 

The camp is in wild style, so don't expect stoves, cooker, coffee machine...We
have a barbecue that you can use 24/24 and a grill on the bonefire. Evey
morning, you get a breakfast that includes coffee or tea, jam, nutella and
bread. For lunch and diner you have to make your own plans but also as we did
previous years, we can make pizza, pasta for everybody and that costs much
cheaper than cooking individually.


Bring your tents, as many as you can so you can share with people who don't
have. kitchen stuffs: spoon, fork, knife, wine opner, salt, sugar, condiments,
cup and plate, skewers, cutting board, Ziplock bags. Camping material: tent or
tarp, oil lamp, flashlight, fire starters/newspaper, ax, tipi's, hammock,
shovel, folding table, rope, jerrycans, sleeping bag, extra blankets (the
weather can be cold at night ),towel, warm socks, candles.
Acoustical musical instruments, guitar, trumpet, your favorite lyrics & music
notes, swimsuit, rain gear, flip-flpops, hiking shoes, compass, sunglasses,
bikes, sunscreen, water gun, tennis racquets. 

The camp is located in the village of "Heure-en-Famenne" in a scouting area
called "Domaine Heure Nature" please check out the google map bellow and print
it. If you come by car and you have a GPS, Latitude=50.2852623 and the
longitude= 5.29952
If you come by train, send a text message to the organizer to get picked up, the
station is only 10min by car from the camp site. You also can make it by


Its a camping event, so everybody is sleeping in his tent or hammock, the
organisation team is providing a couple of tents for people who dont have. If
you dont have one, contact the organizer.

The camp is no profit event but we have costs that should be covered(the
campsite rental   municipal tax on rubbish and garbage), fuel, toilet cleaning
products.. we ask you a participation fee of 10€ if you pay online, 15€ upon
arrival. In case we make a profit which didn't happen so far, we offer free
beers. Please make the organisation easier for us and cheaper for you, pay

Pre payment details copu past this link payment details.pdf?dl=0

What you get when you pay 10€:
- 5 days camping
- Running water
- Toilet
- Cold Shower
- wristband
- Daily breakfast: coffee or tea, jam, nutella and bread.
- pick ups from train station when is needed.

The price is fix no matter how long you stay!

we do provide basic facilities such as cold shower, toilet and running water,
You really want to have your daily warm shower? you can allways go to the nearby
swimming pool.

The closest station is "Melreux-Hotton". Trains coming from Liege drop you there
every single hour. Please send a text message(No calls please) to the organizer
if you need a pick up, you might have to wait depending how busy we are.

Organizers contact:
Mobile number will be sent in PM, please no calls, only text messages.

Brussels airport: 1h
Frankfurt-Hahn airport: 2h30
Luxemburg airport:1h
Liege airport:0h45
Maastricht airport: 1h
Brussels South Charleroi Airport: 1
#1 BELGIUM SUMMER CAMP 26-30 Aug 2015 Tue 28 Jul 15 22:20:38
Haywards Heath
United Kingdom
how're things going at the camp?

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