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Forum > Experiences, Anecdotes and Funny Misunderstandings > How to increase hotel brand trust
#0 How to increase hotel brand trust Fri 13 Feb 15 9:33:25
Ha Noi
Viet Nam
No1. Display reviews
Display reviews on your site. Reading reviews is now part of the booking
process, so having reviews on your site enables travelers to make purchase

No2. Social Media. 
Engaging on social media is more critical for hotels now than ever before.
It’s where you can identify and engage with your brand advocates (your best
customers), and leverage user generated content to build a relationship with
their social networks.

No3. TripAdvisor
Update your TripAdvisor and Social Media pages frequently with fresh images.
TripAdvisor recently released a study that links photos to increased direct

No4. Pinterest
Try Pinterest! If you have the resources, Pinterest is a great place to find
highly engaged customers who are very likely to be inspired.

No5. Collect data
Once you have your guest’s email, the possibilities for inspirational
messaging open up quite a bit. If you’re able to learn more about your guests,
like their job titles, interests, marital statuses, and more, you can deliver
much more targeted marketing messaging, which has shown to be much more
effective than traditional marketing. If you can develop a relationship with
these customers, they may become repeat customers and brand advocates.

The trouble is, collecting your guests’ personal information is a tricky
thing. 65% of US consumers worry about how marketers use their personal data,
according to  SDL’s Data and Privacy Study. But, the same study also found
that 80% of US respondents are more likely to provide personal information to a
trusted brand.

As hotel marketers, you understand the importance of using guest insights to
offer more targeted promotions and discounts to your guests. But guests also
want to protect their data. Here are some things to consider when collecting
guest data:

Communicate clearly to your guests what they will receive in exchange for their
Deliver the right offers and discounts for your audience, based on that data. If
it doesn’t seem relevant, it won’t fly with your guests.
Offer a compelling reason for guests to share data. Perhaps they’ll get a
coupon for the restaurant for sharing their email addresses or connecting on
Reassure your guests that you won’t ever share or sell their information.
By using customer data judiciously and protecting the privacy of your guests,
your brand will create loyalty.
#1 How to increase hotel brand trust Fri 13 Feb 15 18:06:15
United States of America
another piece of good advice from you! Alas, HC membership uses this site to
avoid having to deal with hotels as much as possible!
#2 How to increase hotel brand trust Tue 28 Apr 15 10:50:47
New York City
United States of America
Yes, great advices.
F.ex., TripAdvisor is one of the most reputable and respectable services for
travelers. It is able to tell you what’s wrong with your brand. 
#3 How to increase hotel brand trust Thu 02 Mar 17 10:01:14
United States of America
Thankyou for sharing such an insightful article. All the points mentioned here
are worth-considering.  An important aspect here can be considered of installing
hotel room safes. Safes contribute to raise the security level and also reduces
the liability claims towards the hotel. It becomes very important that hotel
management gives prime importance to the security of guests and their valuables.
Installing safes of famous brand and of high security like will increase the
customer satisfaction of  the hotel and will help to achieve great star ratings
inturn increasing hotel brand trust. 

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