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Forum > Languages and Cultures > Host for a 60
#0 Host for a 60 Sun 24 Aug 14 21:11:56
Well, I will visit the region vof Ticino, Switzerland, most of the time the
surroundings of the Lago Maggiore between 20th and 30th September this year, but
I am still looking for host's.  It is not about the money. I can afford a bed in
a hostel anyway, but I am very interested in cultures and the best places to see
in the area I'll come. 

Some host do not decide yet, because time for my arrival is still far away.
Other host already have guests at that time or are occupied by other reasons.
Further more, there are a lot of host's not answering at all. Maybe they do not
use this site any more. Therefore I try it this way...and it also will be fine
with meetings,  maybe a walk, maybe a day in the mountains (not climbing). 

If there is someone from the area who will host or meet me, I would be very
happy to know you - age is not important for me, I host all ages and ar happy to
be hosted by/meet all ages. If you are using a wheelchair doesn't matter for me

See you?
#1 Host for a 60 Thu 28 Aug 14 10:27:31
Bellinzago Novarese
Hi Dorothee,

I would like to suggest you to visit also the Italian part of Lake Maggiore that
is very beautiful.
From Locarno you can take a boat till ARONA (Italy) and have a look along the
whole lake (this trip is called Lago Maggiore express, visit the Italian site for more information).

If you decide for it and come on a weekend trip I can meet you in Arona and show
you our part of lake.

Have a nice holiday
#2 Host for a 60 Thu 28 Aug 14 12:13:32
Dear Lucia, 

thank you so much for your message.  Actually I planed to use the boat, why not
at a weekend - even it will be crowded. I love to meet you and will reply to you
again as soon I am in Locarno.

Have a nice time so far

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