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Forum > Technical Help and Questions > OK,how to make Hospitality Club a better place (technical and other suggestions)?
#0 OK,how to make Hospitality Club a better place (technical and other suggestions)? Mon 28 May 12 3:08:04
Hello people.

Like we all know (or most of us),this site was once a leader in
"hospitality/exchange" sites.
Time went by and another site took leadership,by the number of members and
Why?Why it happened?What's wrong with this site?

If you ask me,there's nothing wrong with this site.It spreads the idea of
hospitality exchange in non-profitable way,like it had from the beginning,12
years ago (I think Hospitality Club was founded in 2000).But...that "like it had
from the beginning,12 years ago" might be a mistake,of how to do one's job.

Don't judge me at this point,let me explain what I meant.

Back in 2000 things on Internet were a little bit simpler then now.Then,web
sites like MySpace (first) and Facebook (after that) got hiper-super-popular.I
never was a fan of those sites,but 99% people were (and still are).Parallel with
developing Hospitality Club,those site (MyS. and Fb.) also grew/got popular.Just
in other "dimension" then HC.
Anyway,nowadays those social-networking web site are extremely popular.Why?Human
beings are social beings.They enjoy being in some kind of "network",have
contacts,friends,etc.Sites like Fb. used it (and used it quite well) and become
that hiper-popular.OK.
Other "hospitality" sites,like CouchSurfing,accepted the idea of how Facebook
got that popular and developed/changed in that way.Hospitality Club continued to
work/develop in "old-school-way".Like it had 12 years
ago.Result:not-that-popular like CS.I don't care if this site is popular or
not,I like it anyway,but for a new member - where would you rather go to search
for hospitality:to a site with 100 members or to a site to 1000000
members?That's what I'm talking about...

In my opinion,CS got leadership MOSTLY because the were Facebook-like.People
like Facebook (not me,but as I said 99% people do),because there are stuffs
like:a list of your friends,then groups you can join,more fields to fill about
yourself (music,books,movies...),also you can put you photo-album there (for
those who take pictures of themselves every day) or send some kind of requests
("join this group"),etc.And CS used it to gain popularity.And they succeeded in

Viet,I read here a topic called "Don't you think it's time for a change?"
(something like that).And I must agree.Even I'm not a fan of damn Facebook I
must agree on that.
If people enjoy to have a list of their friends on profile - give 'em that.
If they enjoy having 3 pictures on profile - give 'em that.
If they want to belong to some group - give 'em that.OK,I know,here you can also
choose between some groups (35,I think),but what is that comparing to
practically endless number of groups each of us can create?

Another good thing (good idea) that I saw is that if some member is
absent/away/not-logged-in for a longer period (let's say,6 months) that
automatically an e-mail is sent to his inbox.Words like "Hey,we miss you on
Hospitality Club.You are absent for 6 months and even if you're not traveling
just drop by to see what new on our site" usually doesn't annoy people that
much,like if it would be written "You were not logged in for 6 months,do
that".Just an example.That's how you can keep your members coming from time to
time on this site.It's sure better to see that someone had logged in few
weeks/months ago,then few years ago.

There are other web sites who got popular at the time,copy ideas from them.
If you want to continued the old way,OK,it's your choice and your site.Maybe you
have more important things in your life,then to "struggle" with this site.
But remember:if someone has the opportunity to go to a hospitality site with all
the Facebook-stuff-like (pictures,groups,friends...bla,bla,bla) and to go to
another site where he (or she) will have all that but FOR FREE (without
"donation"),what do you think where he/she will go?

I would like to help about all this,but in technical way - I'm useless (I know
nothing about programming) :(
Maybe you should start a campaign (hm,"campaign" may be too strong word for
that,but I don't know how else to say) for getting some IT volunteers or
something like that.Few words,just to explain,like "If you know something about
programming let us know.We need just a little help/work,not much" (don't scare
them,haha) could be sent on each member's e-mail,so eventually some people will
answer I believe.

Viet,I'm writing all this in the most positive intention.Like the member who
loved the idea you had,from the day I heard for this site.And someone who
doesn't want this site to "go down".
Also,I must say,I liked what you wrote here about that idea of hospitality
should be free,without any obligation to pay (donate):

To all other members:if you have any suggestions (technical or other) write it
#1 OK,how to make Hospitality Club a better place (technical and other suggestions)? Tue 29 May 12 19:53:11
I agree with you, you made your point clear about doing some "renovation" to
this site without losing its spirit. Only I wonder if anybody's reading. It was
august last year when Veit wrote last time, apologizing for the "deafening
silence", and he explained what sort of trouble he went through in his idea of
turning HC into an open source website. Fair enough, but I think that a monthly
update on any progress would reassure everybody that the goal is still in sight,
and it would't take that much time/effort to write and post.
The way things are now, one really wonders if the open source project is still
active or, rather, if HC is left on its own as a self managed community relying
on its own willingness to make it work
#2 OK,how to make Hospitality Club a better place (technical and other suggestions)? Wed 30 May 12 15:26:37
United States of America
your word in Veit's ear!!! Or at least his email queue...... But a deafening
silence it still is. How long, I wonder, before it ends?
#3 OK,how to make Hospitality Club a better place (technical and other suggestions)? Fri 13 Jul 12 22:52:24
1/ put predators out of the staff 
#4 OK,how to make Hospitality Club a better place (technical and other suggestions)? Sat 14 Jul 12 22:06:33
San Salvador
It is a must ....., without preference.
The renovation of the Club is urgent.
Here, in this post (before this) is written, lots of ideas for change
The original ..... would like to implement the idea that change must be
¿¿Is posibility?? 
#5 OK,how to make Hospitality Club a better place (technical and other suggestions)? Tue 24 Jul 12 17:57:32
Hi all together,

I've got the mail from Veit. I was surprised about asking for become a member of
a commercial platform. That's not my destination.

I felt similiar movement in It's a bad feeling to me. 

Let's talk about and look for the best way for the most of our members.

Regards Sebastian
#6 OK,how to make Hospitality Club a better place (technical and other suggestions)? Tue 24 Jul 12 21:51:01
Yes, I too was astonished to find an email today from the mysterious chairman,
veit.  The message was many 100s of words in length, asking me to sign up as a
host on a commercial website.  

How someone can expect to get a positive response from something as abrupt as
this, with no ongoing conversation with members.  Just years and years of
silence, as the HC system slowly deteriorates, despite the concern of so many
devoted members.  

A sad day for HC.  I hope we see better ones.  

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