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Forum > Work and Apartments > Bartending / waitressing Summer job in Porto, Portugal
#0 Bartending / waitressing Summer job in Porto, Portugal Tue 06 Apr 10 3:41:56
Santa Barbara
United States of America
A friend of mine runs an upscale café / restaurant in Porto, Portugal. He's
looking for waiters / bartenders for the Summer months. Previous experience in
waitressing / bartending would be a huge plus, but it's NOT sine qua non.

requirements: European citizenship, age 18-28, basic command of the Portuguese
language, "people skills".

If the prospect of spending a Summer in Portugal, going to the beach in the
morning and working at a café / restaurant in the evening, please reply to this
#1 Bartending / waitressing Summer job in Porto, Portugal Wed 07 Apr 10 17:52:40
 Hii !  I sent you a personal message where is my e-mail adress. If you want you
can contact me there !    
  Hope to hear from you !    
#2 Bartending / waitressing Summer job in Porto, Portugal Wed 07 Apr 10 19:22:02
Santa Barbara
United States of America
I did not get your message. You can find my email on my profile. Could you
please contact me directly via email? Thanks.
#3 Bartending / waitressing Summer job in Porto, Portugal Tue 29 Jan 13 22:18:14
Czech Republic

I was replying to your offer of summer job in Porto but I don't know if you get
it cause I didn't get any answer. 

Could you please let me know?

Thank you
Great evening

Barbora Forková
#4 Bartending / waitressing Summer job in Porto, Portugal Tue 29 Jan 13 22:31:36
Czech Republic

I'm Barbora and I'm from Czech Republic. I'm 23 years old and I would love to
spend summer holidays in Porto. I'm studying to be a teacher of music on the
university and working like a teacher of singing as a part time job.
I was working more than 4 years like an assistant in the shoping centre so I'm
used to work with people. I also was working on the farm in England two times
for two months so I'm used to hard work. I spend two months in England like a
nanny in English family and I'm speaking fluently in English. Now I'm starting
to learn Portuguese and if it's need I'm able to improve more my Portuguese till
I don't have any experiences in waitressing but I like to learn new skills and I
will do my best.

Please let me know if this job is still available and send me some more
informations about conditions, place etc.

Thank you

Barbora Forková  
#5 Bartending / waitressing Summer job in Porto, Portugal Sat 15 Apr 17 17:51:26
São João da Madeira
Hello, my name is Manuel Barrios, I am a teenager (18 years old) and I study in
a city near Oporto. I am naturally from Venezuela but when I was only 2 years
old my parents moved to Portugal and they used to own a restaurant together,
where I always helped to serve different kinds of clients, from Portuguese
people to foreigners. Currently, my mother is working in a Cafe and I'm used to
helping her.
I'm really interested in this summer job in Oporto since I'm going to be free
during the Summer months. I have some experience in waitressing but I'm always
mind opened to learn and to evolve. I like working in little groups (always with
a team spirit). I am also patient when it comes to stressful situations.
As a plus, I am extremely fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish (native) and I
understand and speak a bit of French. This would be amazing for the Summer
Season when a lot of tourists visit this wonderful city! 

I look forward to hearing from you, Manuel.

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