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Forum > Geographic Adjustments > Israel messy regions
#0 Israel messy regions Tue 27 Sep 05 15:51:43
Hey hospitalers,

I've noticed the fact that in Israel category there is a one big mess with all
the regions there. What I mean is that you can see Hefa region and Haifa region
(two different ways to write the same thing...), or "Hasharon" vs. "Hashron",
"Tel Aviv" vs. "Tel-Aviv"... which one should I belong to?! There are also silly
things like "between haifa and tel aviv" (which includes the "Sharon"...)

I don't know how it is with other countries which I'm not familiar with their
geography, but if you take Garmany for example you can see it all organized
beautifully according to the German states.
Officially Israel is divided into seven districts (One of them is the western
bank which is also an issue by itself, but that's politics now...)

The last post about this subject was posted in July 04
geId=1634) but nothing was done since then.

#1 Israel messy regions Sat 01 Oct 05 19:06:05
"Officially Israel is divided into seven districts (One of them is the western
bank which is also an issue by itself, but that's politics now...)"

saying that the western bank is a part of israel is like saying that tibet is
apart of china, or east timor is a part of indonisea etc... etc...
the thing is , here in  israel that the israelis who grew into the occupation
dont see it very clearly, just to clear things up there are two regions in
israel the pre and after 1967 war border lines, see in 1967 israel launched its
"premptive" war and conquared the west bank, gaza strip, the golan heights and
the sinai desert. both in and out the 1967 lines is occupied lands according to
the palestinian view but that varys in the international opinion and whats
fashionable to talk about.
as for the point about the mixing up of the names amir is very right, its all
the same places inside the 67 border.

ban israel

#2 Israel messy regions Sat 01 Oct 05 19:08:01

in the 67 war isael also conquared jerusalem, 
hows that as a thought as your strolling down in the old town...

#3 Israel messy regions Fri 30 Dec 05 10:42:35
Oy Vey!

I'm putting this message up again by replying, because of the worsening in the
mess of the Israeli regions since the report in "Haaretz".

Many Israelis have joined, and now you can see even weirder regions, twice and
thrice the same cities, this is a total mess!!

How can this be organized now? It should be only 7 regions (including the 
western bank, please don't step into it 'cause it's not relevant now!)

Who has the permissions to change it anyway?
#4 Israel messy regions Fri 30 Dec 05 10:54:19

thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We have been aware that Israel is a big challenge when it comes to cleaning up
the Geography.

I have been working on it for a couple of weeks now, and i noticed that most of
the cleaning I did has already been changed again by new members.

I would like to ask everybody who has some knowledge of the Israeli country
structure to post their remarks here. 

After a month or so (or a bit later if we have good discussions) we can then
take a decision about how to divide the country.

If however you see some real mistakes (like 3 times a city called Nazareth in 3
different regions) then please forward it to


#5 Israel messy regions Fri 30 Dec 05 11:22:57
This is my suggestion :

1.  israel  : 7 regions

a. Jerusalem district 
b. North district 
b. Haifa district 
d. Center district 
e. Tel Aviv district 
f. Southern district 
g. Judea and Samaria District*

for a small map, look at wikipedia :

2.  Palestine  : 3 Regions

a. East Jerusalem
b. West Bank
c. Gaza 

what do you think?

#6 Israel messy regions Fri 30 Dec 05 16:09:43
Great, this is exactly what I've thought about. Those are the districts as they
And about the western bank and east Jerusalem, it's a great sollution since it
gives whoever joins the possibilty to decide whether he or she sees himself as
an Israeli or a Palestinian.
This of course may raise some political questions. But since the situation under
the "Palestine" category is already as you suggested it to be, we can leave it
as it is.
All those areas are one big mess anyway, it's all devided into small parts so we
should simply let people decide where they believe they live... (which is the
same place anyway, whatever you call it.) As an accommodation and hospitality
site we shouldn't decide which place "belongs" to whom, so keeping both options
is the best sollution.

More issues: Since the names of the places are Hebrew ones, it makes a problem
of transliterating it in different ways. Maybe we should use a standard used by
the government or something. And whoever aproves new members or address changes
should take good care to keep it organized. Can this be limited to Israeli
volunteers so they know how to keep it good?

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