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Forum > Deutsch > Heidelberg,Hamburg or Frankfurt?For language course
#0 Heidelberg,Hamburg or Frankfurt?For language course Fri 13 Feb 09 12:44:30
I want to study to a german language course in Germany this summer
maybe 3 months.Which of those city shall I  choose?I found some language 
courses from internet,I am sure all of them are quite good but also city is
important.Last time I visited Berlin,Munich,Düsseldorf,Nurnberg.This time
I was planing to go to Frankfurt or Hamburg but one of my friend said 
Heidelberg is a very beautiful city.Which of them you advise?
#1 Heidelberg,Hamburg or Frankfurt?For language course Fri 13 Feb 09 14:19:05
United States of America
I'm sure you can find an appropriate course in whichever larger city you want to
be! My husband took advanced training through the Goethe Institute and is VERY
satisfied! His one'week course was in Munich.....
#2 Heidelberg,Hamburg or Frankfurt?For language course Wed 18 Feb 09 1:04:23
I would not reccommed to go to Heidelberg. The city is indeed very beautiful,
but just really small and the people have strong dialect which is difficult to
You can spent a week end in heidelberg. i think this would be enough
#3 Heidelberg,Hamburg or Frankfurt?For language course Wed 18 Feb 09 21:22:57
Hello - hard decision! 
Well, Heidelberg definitely is a very beautiful city as it is also a very old
and traditional university town. (There are quite a lot of tourists, though...)
Do you know Elvis Presley's version of "Muss I denn, muss I denn zum Städtele
hinaus" ("Wooden heart")? That was about Heidelberg...  ;-)   Not to far away is
the ancient town Speyer, and, if you like, Strasbourg just across the border to
France. The Neckar valley is very beautiful, too, with many small towns and
villages that are worth a visit. 
Frankfurt and Hamburg are  m u c h  bigger and of course offer lots of
attractions. Personally I like Hamburg better - the atmosphere of the old
trading company "Hanse" can still be felt... From there you could do trips to
the island of Helgoland and also to other seaside towns.
If you decide to go to Frankfurt, there is Goethe's birthplace and interesting
modern architecture. You should also try and go to the large forests of the
Spessart. Also a trip to Würzburg would be nice. 
So your decision also depends on what you like better: smaller or bigger towns?

My advice would be Heidelberg, as I prefer smaller places generally and as it
is, as I said, a beautiful old town with great surroundings.
Good luck with your choice!
#4 Heidelberg,Hamburg or Frankfurt?For language course Fri 20 Feb 09 15:13:57
Thank you for advices
#5 Heidelberg,Hamburg or Frankfurt?For language course Fri 20 Feb 09 21:25:49
Kelkheim (Taunus)
By the way: Frankfurt and Heidelberg are very close, you can reach one from the
other in about an hour by train or car (cycling takes longer). 

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