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Forum > Travel Tips and Information > Trinidad -- Venezuela transportation
#0 Trinidad -- Venezuela transportation Fri 25 Jan 08 3:01:39
Hi, there can you tell me about connection by boat/ferry with Venezuela and
Trinidad, I will be flying from Jamaica to port of spain, but I cannot find any
direct connection between with Venezuela and Trinidad.

I heard that there is ferry between Chaguamaras and Guria every wensday, but I
there is a rumour that it is not running anymore.

I was planning to leave next week but I’m afraid I will stuck in there. I’m
going around the South America and moving forward is very important to me.

Thank you, for any help.

#1 Trinidad -- Venezuela transportation Sun 27 Jan 08 1:29:43
hi bartuzka. the conection by boat/ferry with venezuela and trinidad is working
out you must take a plane to get there or must get a ride with some boat..
                                   good luck
#2 Trinidad -- Venezuela transportation Wed 30 Jan 08 3:15:00

Hi, there the ferry is running on wensdays only!!, leaves Chaguaramas (Trinidad)
at 7 am ish (pier no.1) to Guria (venazuela), and comes back 3 pm all times are
approximate, as there are often delays.

prices one way US$73 , return US$121, port tax for leaving Trinidad US$12

i hope to catch a boat on 5 feb 08, if it doesn't work i will post it
#3 Trinidad -- Venezuela transportation Wed 30 Jan 08 5:36:03
Hola Bartosz... soy de Caracas. Pienso que si debe existir ferry de Guiria a
Port Spain, pues es el turismo y comercio de las dos ciudades. En internet lei
que el ferry es para 150 pers... puedes conseguir mas informac por internet.

De lo contrario tambien hay vuelos de AVIOR hacia Porlamar (isla Margarita) y
con ASERCA hacia Maturin. Pero One Way debe ser costoso...

Puedes preguntar a miembros de Sucre en Venezuela o de Port Spain en Trinidad.

Despues que llegues a Guiria para donde viajaras? Si pasas por Caracas me avisas
y nos vemos. Tambien puedo ayudarte en la ruta por Venezuela...

Buen viaje.... exitos y suerte ! ! !  David
#4 Trinidad -- Venezuela transportation Sat 26 Apr 08 21:19:49
Company: Pier 1
Telephone:1-868-634-4472 or 4426

Wendsdays only!!!

The costs by ferry is approximately $414 TT one way which is approximately $70
US plus $100 TT departure tax. I know they wanted to change a price a bit. If
you trevel from Venezuela I think is without tax.

Number oftickets is limited so you have to book it in advance the best way to do
it is by internet (it will take a few days to answer, but if you call it may
takes day for somebody to pick up the phone !!!) give them some details: name,
passport, date of birth, day you want to leave and credit card no. 
#5 Trinidad -- Venezuela transportation Tue 29 Apr 08 5:25:46
United States of America
How was your trip to Trinidad? Where did you stay and where did you visit? 
To me it's a bit amusing that you were asking about a ferry to Venezuela. I am
from the south of Trinidad and on a clear day i can see the outline of Venezuela
from my house! The fishermen in the south of Trinidad are sometimes arrested for
crossing into Venez's waters.

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