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Forum > Technical Help and Questions > HC might soon be open source!
#0 HC might soon be open source! Mon 13 Aug 07 22:14:20
Czech Republic
HC might soon be open source! We are reaching a consensus among programmers and
very active volunteers right now - the final decision will be made in a few
days. Now we would like to hear your thoughts: do you like the idea of HC being
open source, or do you see problems? Especially if you are a programmer, have a
legal background or have experience in open source project organization and
community management: would you like to be involved? Please send any thoughts
you have about this big step in HC's history directly to Veit.
#6 HC might soon be open source! Tue 14 Aug 07 12:36:14
Being an OpenSource proponent and having provided solutions to my customers on
OpenSource applications, I warmly welcome this decision. I completely agree that
open source would only strengthen the site, biringing in faster changes and
would suite well the HC concept . 
#7 HC might soon be open source! Tue 14 Aug 07 15:31:14
Nice one.
#8 HC might soon be open source! Tue 14 Aug 07 15:34:53
United States of America
Well.. I've been trying to contact babso or sth like that listed as coordinator
of the developing team... I stated that I am a computer science student, sadly
my major ain't in date mining or software engineering but I could help in some
minor improves...
Anyways... I am still a bit exceptical about this new Open Source HC.
#9 HC might soon be open source! Tue 14 Aug 07 16:21:27
Czech Republic
If you know php/mysql or even strict html/css you can help us. And without open
source model only "trusted" developers has access. So many members simply has no
any ability to help. If you really interested to help hc - wait for the sources
(i think 2-3 days) and send us patches. Very simple :)
#10 HC might soon be open source! Tue 14 Aug 07 20:04:59
Kiryat Haim
hey samm!
I think it is an excellent idea :)
open source is always better than a discreet one... and that way maybe the
programmers volunteers will have a little less of the overload you guys have got
to with the recent problems...

and maybe as it was once sugested, new features will be added by creative fellow
programmers like new GUI and stuff :)

#11 HC might soon be open source! Tue 14 Aug 07 20:09:44
Kiryat Haim
oh one more!

I'm sure you know it better than me, but I think in purpose of making it safe
the open source should be available to members only and that's also with some
supervision of the volunteers although it is a bit against the open source

cheers :)
#12 HC might soon be open source! Wed 15 Aug 07 2:17:02
Sounds like a positive move !
#13 HC might soon be open source! Wed 15 Aug 07 8:06:25
Hi samn,
this is a wonderful announcement and a step in the right direction. I wish I
could help you, but my technical skills are non-existent.
Thank you very much, Samn!
#14 HC might soon be open source! Wed 15 Aug 07 13:22:12
Hi samm!

I don't know if you got my mail, you didn't write back, so I'll point out the
things I did in my mail.

About the open source question, if you're considering releasing the code to the
world wide web there is a big chance of hackers being able to break into the
database - that means exposing ALL HC's members and their personal data. Are you
sure the code is "bullet proof"? I don't know about all of you, but I don't want
any of that - exposing all your private data and endless hours being spend by
programmers to fix all the bugs. IMHO I'd rather keep it under close guard and
keep the dev team small and super-effiecent.

Samm: About helping the dev team, you can contact me using the info provided in
my profile ;)
#15 HC might soon be open source! Wed 15 Aug 07 15:55:59
Montréal - Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
As an answers to all the skepticals about the security issues involved : the Mac
OS X kernel is Open Source! So far I can tell, it remains a safe platform,
security-wise. It certainly doesn't hold me back from using my mac book for
doing my bank transactions using in the process an other *huh* other open source
software  : firefox

The HC software is coded in PHP right? PHP is open-source. You can get the C
code and even create customs new functions fairly simply. ( altho it involves
lots of dreaded macros )

examples can go on and on. If there are problems with making HC open source,
security is not among them. In fact, I dont see any problems that would occur
#16 HC might soon be open source! Wed 15 Aug 07 17:00:03
Let me cheer you up, there are loads of exploits available for OS X kernel :)
But let's stay on the topic. I have to disagree, being a system admin for quite
some years now I've seen what can happen when the source code is leaked.
Security is by FAR the most important question here. If the code is opened I'm
afraid some PHP "experts" might think it would be funny just to deface the page
or some mind find an opportunity and steal the DB. Does anyone agree or at least
finds the question regarding the security important?

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