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Forum > Technical Help and Questions > HC might soon be open source!
#0 HC might soon be open source! Mon 13 Aug 07 22:14:20
Czech Republic
HC might soon be open source! We are reaching a consensus among programmers and
very active volunteers right now - the final decision will be made in a few
days. Now we would like to hear your thoughts: do you like the idea of HC being
open source, or do you see problems? Especially if you are a programmer, have a
legal background or have experience in open source project organization and
community management: would you like to be involved? Please send any thoughts
you have about this big step in HC's history directly to Veit.
#26 HC might soon be open source! Fri 17 Aug 07 12:43:04
> I`m 100% agree with your security position. I will try to minimize risks. My
> actions will include (but not limited to) clear backup/restore strategy, some
> initial code cleanup (already in progress), file and processes audit. Also i
> think that we will change encoder before going open source to much more
> one. And i have idea about "early adoption" period when source will be opened
> only to a few number of peoples which will agree to review and audit the

This sounds good, as well as the development server without any sensitive data.
Finding auditors is a well-known problem in the whole open source world (and in
proprietary software too, many companies don't tend to do much auditing because
it's costly) but I hope it'll work out well.

> Developers portal: we already registered our project @, also i filled
> request for the project, it will be used as backup

Are you sure you'll need both your own dev server, portal AND the backup
portal? I'm slightly worried that the two latter ones would cause overhead so
that people would have to check out and feed changes to both, and they might
become out of sync. Yes, there should be backups of the data in, but two
portals being online in parallel doesn't sound so good idea. Or is the site constructed so that you can automatically mirror the data from without manual work?

> Licensing: at my and most of the developers opinion apache license is good
> our project. It is more bsd like than gnu like.

At least I'm perfectly okay with this. Apache is a popular and well-known
license and therefore a good choice. Personally I don't have a strong preference
towards either bsd/apache/x11 style licenses or towards copyleft-style (GPL)
licenses - they both have their places. And you're correct in pointing out that
copyright assignment question is less important if the license is Apache rather
than GPL.

> Openness in general ... So, let`s take organization moments out this thread

I agree, it's better to keep this thread focused on the code, security and
developer services.

#27 HC might soon be open source! Mon 10 Sep 07 7:25:34
Lest you get impatient, I thought I'd let you know HC is getting open source,
under Apache License. I think the programmers are a bit behind schedule for
fixing the most awful security holes (register globals mainly), but there's no
turning back now anyway. Educated guess is all files but maybe two or three will
be on SourceForge some time this month.

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