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Forum > HC Events: Meetings, Parties and Camps > HC meeting in Prague maybe in June?
#0 HC meeting in Prague maybe in June? Wed 25 May 05 13:12:31
I´m member just for few weeks, but I saw that in Czech rep. we have lot of
members here and I would like to meet them. could we find any possibility and
invite also foreign people staying in that time in Prague?

I hope your messages

#1 HC meeting in Prague maybe in June? Wed 25 May 05 18:54:17
Czech Republic
Hi Marca,

I'm very happy you came up with the idea. You might be interested there already
was a meeting in Prague in March or early April and it was great. There were
like 40 people and I enjoyed talking to a many of them. We even had a few
foreign guests. If you like, you can see some photos in the gallery (see the top
of this page and then under HC meetings).

One of the outputs of the meeting was that it would be great if we could do the
next one not in Prague, because for some people it's difficult to get to Prague.
I was talking to some people and they were thinking of organizing a meeting
somewhere around Brno in a form of a trip into the nature.

You might be interested in that once you start to organize a bigger meeting,
it's possible to send an email to all the HC members in Czech Republic
automatically. You just need to send the text to Veit. There is a limit of two
or three such emails per year per country so that people don't get flooded with
invitations. It's a much more effective way of letting people know than this
forum and I was hoping I'd receive such an email about a meeting in Brno soon.

However, nothing is happening. I already put quite a lot of effort into
organizing the last meeting (see my forum post on my profile) and I don't plan
to organize the next one because of being very busy now. So there is a high risk
nothing will happen...

As far as I know, the possibilities right now are:
1) Organize a very small meeting in Prague announced just on this forum.

2) Organize another big meeting in Prague, but abandon the plan to organize a
bigger meeting outside Prague where new people could join.

3) Get in touch with people from Brno and organize the meeting somewhere here,
probably as a hike in the nature, as was our former plan.

I'm highly favorable to (3), but I don't want't to discourage you from (1) or

In any case, If you want something to happen (and I'd love that! :-), it's *you*
who must do something for it. There are no formal ,,heads'' of HC and definitely
not in Czech Republic. If you decide so, just try to phone to some of the most
active members in the area where you want it to happen and ask them for help
(suitable place and so on).

I'd be very thankful if you try to organize a bigger meeting and I hope many
people would appreciate that! June would be wonderful (later, many people will
be away on hollidays).
#2 HC meeting in Prague maybe in June? Wed 25 May 05 19:16:55
great that you anwered,
I have other idea: 
I have a big house in country, nord of rep., near Frýdlant v Čechách where is
possible accomodate lot of people in house and in the garden too. it´s in small
village. we can be there when and how long we want. it depend only on us.
what do you think?
#3 HC meeting in Prague maybe in June? Sat 28 May 05 23:26:16
Czech Republic
I think that might be a great place if transport there is reasonably easy. I'd
suggest some weekend (with the main gathering on saturday evening, since I
suppose people would be fluctuating).
#4 HC meeting in Prague maybe in June? Sun 29 May 05 9:30:05
United Kingdom
   That sounds veeeeeeeeery interesting :) I would like to join and so I'll be
waiting for more info.
          take care Maria
#5 HC meeting in Prague maybe in June? Mon 30 May 05 17:05:14
Czech Republic
"My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here"
Great idea! Let's go to Frydlant! :)
#6 HC meeting in Prague maybe in June? Mon 30 May 05 17:13:36
Hradec Králové
Czech Republic
All this (HC Meeting, Frydlant, summer weekend) sounds like a good idea to me!

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