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Forum > HC Events: Meetings, Parties and Camps > HC in the Sziget Festival - Budapest
#0 HC in the Sziget Festival - Budapest Mon 23 May 05 11:09:55
Hello everyone!

The idea came up that we could promote Hospitality Club on the Sziget Festival
in Budapest (10-17 August;, telling people about it,
giving them leaflets etc. 
If anyone is thinking about coming to the island, would be great if s/he could
help us  bit. 
We also want to organize a party on the last day, or on the following, where HC
people and the newcomers can meet, have fun, ask questions if they have any etc.

Hope to see many cool people there!

Cheers, Bea
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#1 HC in the Sziget Festival - Budapest Mon 23 May 05 23:18:53
Party - Sziget!! I'm in... I've never enjoyed Hungary much in the past
unfortunately - hopefully you can change my mind!!!

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#2 HC in the Sziget Festival - Budapest Tue 24 May 05 0:04:04
United Kingdom
Hey Bea!

Great idea! If you need any help in the Sziget project :) please contact me!

Best wishes,

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#3 HC in the Sziget Festival - Budapest Sat 11 Jun 05 19:44:21
Szia Beata !
As I told you, I'll be there all the summer. of course you can count on me. I'll
give you a hand... I will contact you as soon as I will be in Budapest. 
I am already promoting the festival here !! ... and the whole world should
follow the HC voice !
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#4 HC in the Sziget Festival - Budapest Tue 14 Jun 05 1:57:42
I'm looking forward to it! Definitely coming!
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#5 HC in the Sziget Festival - Budapest Thu 16 Jun 05 20:02:32
United Kingdom
hi, me and my boyfriend aida 82 will be at the festival, so contact us if you
need that sounds a great idea. cheers from italy
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#6 HC in the Sziget Festival - Budapest Mon 11 Jul 05 19:50:38

does anybody from the north of germany would like to go
to the sziget festival in budapest, and hasn´t get a flight yet?
i have one left: it´ll be from hamburg(germany) to
budapest(hungary), from august 9th till 18th, and
it´ll cost 66,-euro plus 25,-euro fee for the change of name.

if you know anybody who wants to go to budapest for the
festival or just for holiday, you can contact me!

sunny greetings from hamburg,

Ja hallo!

Hat jemand Lust, im August nach Budapest zu fliegen?!
Der Flug wäre vom 09. bis zum 18. August, Hamburg-Budapest
und kostet 66,- plus 25,- Euro Namensänderungsgebühr.

Ich selber fahre wie jedes Jahr zu dem legendären
Sziget-Festival(10.-17.08.). Ursprünglich wollten wir
zu dritt fliegen, aber da meine Schwester leider
abgesprungen ist, bleiben nur noch zwei von uns über....
Alle anderen nehmen den Landweg. 

Also, wenn eine/r von Euch Bock auf Urlaub in dieser tollen
Stadt hat oder jemanden kennt, der zufällig noch einen
günstigen Flug zum Sziget oder Balaton braucht, meldet Euch

Herzliche Grüße aus Hamburg,
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