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Forum > Experiences, Anecdotes and Funny Misunderstandings > What is fashionable / popular in your country right now ?
#0 What is fashionable / popular in your country right now ? Wed 28 Feb 07 23:51:14
Cheers guys ! I'm not sure whether there's been a thread on fashion here
already, if so, sorry ! It's not that I wear fashion things - I hate fashion
actually :) - but as I traveled a bit recently   lived abroad I had the
opportunity of looking around, observing the way people are dressed and so on
and I'm always amused to see how different fashion can be in countries which are
so close to one another ;).

By " fashion"  here, I actually mean "the way people look like", (how they
dress, arrange their hair ect). I'm talking about what I could see on the
street, what seems to be mainstream to me and this year's fashion is quite
different from last year. I know it's stupid to generalize, but here it's a mass
phenomenon (on its own scale) as fashion affects a lot of people !

So, first in France (at least in Paris) this year "fashion" guys are all wearing
this multicolor scarf (with thin vertical colored lines) and they arrange it in
a special way (like the don't make a real knot). It's amazing how evryone's
scarf is identical this year ! (please guys, be a bit original, for God's sake
!!!). As far the haircut is concerned : they have quite long hair, and try to do
as if they were naturally curling a bit, they don't put "gel" for instance - at
least you remark it.

For girls, well "we" (I don't) were shortpants (almost like the ones you wear in
the summer !) but with tights of course :). Hairstyle - I don't really know,
maybe you can help !
This "French fashion" is really different from Italy, where I was last week :)

In Italy this year :
- boys and girls are all wering black coats with "fur" running along this part
of the coat which protect you from the rain (I don't know how you call it).
Moreover guys have visible ear piercing (on one ear) and they generally wear
black sunglasses (girls too) even in the underground in the winter :). They are
dressed in dark colours rather. 

In Poland until september (i'm using a past tense since I don't know if it's
still up to date) :
girls had a very specific hairstyle,  they wore hair fringes cut weirdly to me
:) - don't really know how to explain.
guys were almost all very short-haired.

Of course, i'm not offending anyone here as I'm not commenting on what I find
beautiful or not, it's a matter of taste !
I hope you'll write how's fashion like in your country or city or place where
you live   comment on what I wrote as one doesn't always realize what is fashion
or not in one's own country !! I'm eagerly waiting to read that !
#1 What is fashionable / popular in your country right now ? Thu 01 Mar 07 9:59:59
It is funny; I always look to the people on the street, for seeing what is
"trendy" in each country.
At the moment in Italy we have these "must have" and these "must dressed" (I'm a
not a fashion victim too, but I see people around me):

- gilrs:
hair cut: fringe, but sometimes it doesn't waork with each face and each kind of
air; I saw girls under the slavery of a hot Ceramic Hair Straightener 
colour brown, they stopped to use light colours as sunglight to promote "natural
colour" as all the tones of brown. Consider that in Italy there are very rare
natural blond, and this is a good step to have healthy hair.
dress: as you wrote, this year the trendy is to dress "leggings" they are
stockings, but without the feet; this means that you will be frozen if you don't
dress boots; but leggins MUST BE dressed with ballerinas, so you risk for sure
you helth, more in countries were is rainy and cold.

I understood your description. It is a haircut that SEEMS to be natural but it
is not natural at all.
They have kind of ling hair in different level, with gel, but in a natural way
(not a Addams family style).
The problem is even the kind of air, even a man can use a hair straightener!!
:-)) eh ehe h

Sunglasses are welcome in each season in Italy; I find it very comic, sometimes,
because the dimension of the glasses seems to grew up year after year, grewing
proportional with the hole in the ozon..
You save your eyes from the sun, your skin too now, and maybe you can also do a
little shadow on your heighbours too :-))

I think in each country you will find more or less a commun style; globalization
helps a lot!
#2 What is fashionable / popular in your country right now ? Thu 01 Mar 07 10:29:22
All this talk about a GAY forum. I vote for a Fashion Forum. 
I really enjoyed reading the two posts above. 
Keep it up ladies
#3 What is fashionable / popular in your country right now ? Thu 01 Mar 07 11:11:52
It's great how you can spot the pattern in styling around you :) I just can't
True, I'm not going to fashionable places, but the best observing point will be
Bogoviceva street, 12-1 h on Saturday, so I'll have a closer look :).

I hate leggings and ballerina shoes, I wouldn't wear these to yoga class. (as if
I would go to yoga classes... :D
And these pointed fingers stilletos (one looks like wearing 3 sizes bigger
shoes),  they just won't die out !!! I was so happy when vintage shoes broke on
the market, now I can at least try to buy shoes in Croatia.

I also don't like gypsy/I have much stuff and colours in the wardrobe and I need
them to wear at once - style which is popular among school girls. 
But, somehow I'm more aware of what would older people always say - you are
young, everything looks nice on you :-O

Fur is also still quite acceptable here, especially if you are 40ish and above,
and don't have a style of your own, and then you also get yourself a Vuitton
bag. Send some radical fur fighters over here, I'll give you the coordinates!

We have still not introduced London fashion of walking barefoot in the silk tiny
dress in the middle of Winter, but we are getting closer. 

A part time visitor to Zagreb could notice - there's no day look and a night
look, women are dressed up, no matter the time of a day.  

Guys? I did not notice :D too many men in suits around me tz tz tz
#4 What is fashionable / popular in your country right now ? Thu 01 Mar 07 11:30:15
great dj, we're waiting for your saturday observation ! In Paris, I should go to
sentier :). I was in Milan last week, I walked past the fashion triangle but
didn't see a lot. I agree that fashion tends to go global, especially "high
fashion", but still the way people dress doesn't always follow thiese patterns.

In france if someone wore these Italians coats, that would look pretty strange,
not talking about sunglasses (yes, they are SO BIG !!!). 
Oh yeah, for girls, dots made their come back in France ! (on shirts, even
skirts). There is also this kind a relax shirt with horitonzal lines (back and
white mainly but not only), that's new ! Boots are fashionable too this year as
almost always. Converse shoes are still somewhat around for guys.

And this is not a ladies's post :) ;) and we're not fashion addicts ! so feel
free to right here !
#5 What is fashionable / popular in your country right now ? Thu 01 Mar 07 12:03:39
Czech Republic
Well, how about Czech... in here all the people are wearing the same, as in the
last few years, I didn't notice any change (maybe just the camouflage jackets
and trousers and white jackets with a hood, and- oh yeah, even the girls wear
converse shoes, maybe more than guys). I usually do not watch guys what are they
wearing (maybe I should - just to have some inspiration to be IN :), but the
girls' fashion looks pretty cool even when the "north-west European" fashion is
much further.

I don't like that "further" fashion at all, especially in Sweden (no current
experience from France @ Italy - well, in Germany it seems quite good yet).
Sorry Swedish, but my opinion about your winter fashion is like this. I was
comparing girls' fashion in the streets with the Czech (or, generally,
central-east European), and in my point of view the jeans you wear shape your
figure really strange way (and it doesn't look sexy, even on a girl that looks
sexy in another trousers or skirt) and I really hate your high rubber boots,
'coz in my place farmers use it while working on a field. And the worst example
I found in Katowice airport! A nice Swedish girl wearing a pink terry-cloth suit
(in addition with the rubber boots) that made her absolutly unsexy! But all the
above mentioned is my personal opinion and I don't force anybody to share it!
But I already share this opinion with the Czech (and 1 Polish) guys who were in
Stockholm in January with me.

#6 What is fashionable / popular in your country right now ? Thu 01 Mar 07 13:33:23
Here's the 2007 global trend report from Vice Magazine... The best free magazine
there is!!!

It's pretty funny too...

Enjoy... and check out the DO's and DON'Ts section... always good for a


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